Backhoe With Scooped Soil

What is Excavating?

An excavation project centers around digging and moving dirt. It is essentially creating terraced drainage on agricultural land and building earthen dams. Excavation projects provide complete site planning & development, from the initial surveying and layout to demolition, site clearing, grubbing, excavation, site utilities, concrete, paving, and restoration.

Excavating Services

Part of our expert residential services includes excavation. At Paul Bunyan, Inc. we take on a plethora of excavation jobs in addition to landscaping, earth moving, and pond excavation.

Paul Bunyan Inc. provides highly qualified personnel and well-maintained construction equipment to perform the following:

● Site Work
● Land Clearing
● Aggregates
● Stone, Dirt, Sand. Etc
● Demolition
● Retaining Walls

Why Do Somerset County Residents Choose Excavation?

The benefit of having a retaining wall is that it provides advantages such as preventing damage by soil falling or sliding away from a foundation. This can preserve ground area on the property or even add to it.

A homeowner can choose from a variety of materials to build a retaining wall and use it as part of an overall landscaping plan to enhance the appearance of the property.

We provide clearing, grubbing, stump removal and horizontal grinding in preparation for your well pad and pipeline development. We are experienced in meeting the requirements of each landowner as we satisfy the requirements of the project.

When it comes to residential excavation, we are your experts. Contact us today if you live in Somerset County, Westmoreland County, Cambria County, Fayette County or surrounding areas.

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