Tree Care & Maintenance

Three Images of In Progress Tree Removal

No one understands residential tree care and maintenance quite like the certified arborists at Paul Bunyan Inc, in Somerset County. We know how important it is for a tree to stay healthy in order to prevent tree decay and the inevitable damage it can cause if it’s not properly maintained. Although we offer tree removal services, we also offer tree care to keep it healthy which ultimately increases the value of your property.

Maintaining tree health can wind up being a big task as trees need the proper conditions for growth in order to prevent hazardous conditions that threaten surrounding property. It’s best to leave tree care and maintenance to the professionals.

Benefits of Tree Care and Maintenance

There are many reasons you should be focusing on the health of your trees. Health as it pertains to trees means:

● Improving your trees vitality: helping them withstand storms, pests, and diseases which can negatively damage your property in the long run;
● Preventative maintenance: protecting your trees from decline and reducing potential damage to your property;
● Tree feeding: giving your trees nutrients to help them thrive in an urban setting.

Residential Tree Services

No matter your tree and shrub care needs we can help. We are the experts and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our skill to you.

In addition to tree removal services, we offer the following:

● Tree Pruning
● Cabling and Bracing
● Soil Amendment and Aeration
● Consultation

Residents of Somerset County, Westmoreland County, Cambria County, Fayette County and the surrounding areas know that we are the experts when it comes to tree care and maintenance. Schedule your consultation today!

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