When Do Trees Bloom in Pennsylvania?

Nothing says ‘spring has sprung’ like a sunny day filled with fresh flower blossoms. The birds are singing. Bunnies and ducklings are frolicking. Perhaps there’s a gurgling brook in the background.  But springtime isn’t the only season in which flowers are in bloom. In fact, there are many plant varieties that flower throughout the summer […]

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Winter Landscaping Tips for the Colder Months

Winter landscaping offers a wealth of benefits. By giving your yard some love during the winter months, you give your plants the best chance to thrive come spring. It takes a truly motivated homeowner to take on landscaping projects during the cold winter months. But winter landscaping has a great return on investment for those […]

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From pumpkin-flavored treats to cozy sweaters and corn mazes to apple picking, autumn is one of the most beloved times of year for so many. One of the most-popular autumnal activities is watching the leaves brighten into vivid reds, oranges, and yellows.  For many, watching the leaves change, or “leaf-peeping,” is a beloved fall activity, […]

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Tree Transplant Shock

Last month’s post covered how to transplant a tree and we’re following it up with important information on a common side effect: transplant shock. Learn what you can do to help your transplanted tree thrive. What is Transplant Shock? Even when all of the recommendations of trusted arborists are followed transplanted trees can still experience […]

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Tree Transplanting

Leaf drop from deciduous trees during autumn is healthy, and natural, a sign that the trees around us, particularly those on our properties, are in good working order, their systems functioning as they should. However, if you have noticed any of your trees looking not quite themselves throughout other times of the year, or in […]

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Our backyards are a space to enjoy the outdoors and time with family, but nosy neighbors and a scorching sun can ruin the fun. Planting trees that provide privacy and shade is one way to make your yard what you want it to be. What to Consider When Planting a Tree When deciding what kinds […]

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