Planting Trees Native to Pennsylvania

Springtime is one of the best times to plant new trees, both for them to take root and begin to grow, but also because many consider it a time for fresh starts. Consider planting trees that are native to the region for esthetic and environmental advantages. Benefits of Local Trees Choosing to plant trees that […]

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Winter: A Time to Prune

The winter months provide you with a potentially unexpected outside chore: tree pruning. A benefit of pruning during the dormant winter months is that it often leads to zealous blooms during the spring. Dormant months for the tree are an ideal time to perform tree care due to having a clear view of the structure. […]

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15 Common Trees in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is full of sprawling forests that are home to some truly beautiful trees! You probably even see these in your own yard and don’t even know it. Here are some of the most common trees of Pennsylvania. What are the most common trees in Pennsylvania? Eastern Hemlock. These giant evergreens are actually the Pennsylvania […]

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What is Plant Healthcare?

Maintaining trees requires regular inspections of the trees and surrounding plant life welfare. This often involves an overall plant healthcare assessment of your property. But what exactly is plant healthcare? We have talked about tree health assessments in the past, but let’s cover some of the details of plant healthcare. What is Plant Healthcare? It’s […]

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Do it Yourself Stump Removal? Absolutely Not

If you have property maintenance that needs done, keep in mind that tree removal services are too dangerous to be done as a DIY project. Despite the numerous posts and blogs painting a picture of cheap, danger-free projects, you don’t want to be end up in a bad situation that risks your health or property. […]

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Why A Tree Health Assessment is Important

Trees are the pride and joy of anyone’s yard. Shade and interesting greenery are just some of the reasons why we love them! But how can you tell if they healthy or not? Your trees’ health is more than just looking good. Sick trees can become dangerous ones quickly. Knowing if your tree is healthy […]

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