Boulder & Rock Landscaping

Stone Wall With Vines Growing Over It

Boulder Selection & Placement

At Paul Bunyan, Inc. part of our mission is to offer to create beautiful art in your yard. Because we care about your yard’s health we offer tree removal services, excavation, and even boulder scaping. We can probably all agree that natural stone is one of the most beautiful and long lasting additions to any landscape. However, no matter how well a designer adds boulders to the plan, not all rock translates into the design you were looking for.

Every boulder is unique.

It’s best to hire a local specialist to handle your boulder scaping needs. At Paul Bunyan Inc., we understand the benefit of hauling local rock to its new homesite. We also maintain the equipment and experience to move and set your boulders. We’re aware of the experimentation required to reposition boulders for that perfect look.

Custom Designed Boulder Scaping in PA

How boulders and stones are arranged can also open up ideal planting opportunities, as plants grow at the edges of boulders for protection against access moisture that lies beneath the stone in the dry season. As part of our boulder scaping process, we help you design arrangement options in the style that you desire.

Each boulder will have one aspect that is most attractive, which is often discovered after one studies it for a while.  The stone’s face should be positioned for high visibility. The remainder gets planted into the ground to anchor it both physically and visually.

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If you are interested in boulders and are looking for an affordable retaining wall, boulder scaping can be an excellent choice for your yard. If you are a resident of Somerset County, Westmoreland County, Cambria County, Fayette County or surrounding areas, contact us today for a consultation.

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