Do it Yourself Stump Removal? Absolutely Not

Tree Stumps and Cut Section of Tree Trunk

If you have property maintenance that needs done, keep in mind that tree removal services are too dangerous to be done as a DIY project. Despite the numerous posts and blogs painting a picture of cheap, danger-free projects, you don’t want to be end up in a bad situation that risks your health or property.

The Dangers of DIY

When you think of stumps, you probably think they should be simple enough to get out with some muscle and a shovel. But even if that stump dead for years, it can still feel rooted in solid. People will try everything from chainsaws, fire, chemicals, even hauling it out with their vehicles. These methods create a perfect storm for injury or damage to property that your insurance likely won’t cover.

The last thing you need to do is borrow machinery from your brother-in-law (that you have never used) and try to hack at the remains of an old oak. And while it can look like a no-brainer online by using chemicals and water, you risk giving yourself burns or destroying the plant healthcare of the rest of your property. The fire method can lead to the most dangerous results since many people walk away from dormant embers and come back to a yard on fire.

What Does It Save?

Sure, DIY home repair can be cost-effective and done well, but leave your trees to the tree experts. Handling stumps yourself sounds like it might save money, but most people aren’t even able to get it all the way out, leaving them back to where they started. If you do damage your property, it may even cost you much more than hiring a professional in the first place.

More importantly, do it yourself tree and stump removal takes time. The DIY chemical method, for instance, can take a month or two to get to a starting point before any actual removal. Save your precious time and have it done by someone who does it for a living.

Your Trees Will Thank You

At the end of the day, tree arborists care just as much about your living trees as they do removing old and dead ones. When it comes to your entire property’s tree health system, the last thing you should be doing is risking bad soil or a nasty fire.

Do you and your yard a favor and leave your property in the hands of professionals.

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