Planting Trees Native to Pennsylvania

Brick House with Large Yard and Trees

Springtime is one of the best times to plant new trees, both for them to take root and begin to grow, but also because many consider it a time for fresh starts. Consider planting trees that are native to the region for esthetic and environmental advantages.

Benefits of Local Trees

Choosing to plant trees that are native to the environment carries the advantage of being well adapted to the weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry as much about how they will do when the seasons change. They also provide food and shelter for birds and other animals which carry the added benefit of supporting the environment. We have called out five types of trees particularly suited to grow in the Southwest Pennsylvania region that you might want to consider adding to your landscape.

Red Oak

Named after the color of its interior wood, red oaks are best identified by their pointed leaf tips that turn red in the fall, while in the spring and summer they have a dull green color. Red oaks are easy to maintain as they only require water in a drought and tolerate. These trees have a straight trunk that provides great shade for humans, but also shelter and food for wildlife as it is a heavy acorn producer. The larger size of these trees does require more space, so they are well suited for a larger property.

Pin Oak

Pin oaks offer a distinct advantage to owners because they do not interfere with most concrete or hardscaping work around your property, in addition to being resilient to urban stressors. As these trees age, they do require more maintenance to keep up the aesthetic appearance but can be very pleasing for owners in the long run.

Sugar Maple

These trees can grow up to 110 feet tall, requires minimal watering, and does well in full sun, so they make a great choice if you are looking to provide shade for your larger yard. Its large size does mean that it requires a lot of room for planting. The vibrant color range of its leaves is pretty amazing and makes it a favorite choice.

Paperbark Maple

Paperbark maples are a good choice for smaller yards as they only grow to be around 30 feet trees. The bark on these trees is among the most decorative. The bark color variation from copper orange to reddish-brown gives it a mosaic pattern as pieces peel off. This type of maple is perfect for small spaces because of their 30 feet growth length and will add variety.

American Dogwood

The flowers of dogwood trees are known for their pink color and beauty and make a great choice if you are looking to add a floral accent to your yard. They are smaller than many of the other trees on the list, so can be accommodated in almost any yard, but they also require more maintenance. Borers often cause trouble for dogwood trees but that can be addressed by planting in rich, acidic soil and giving it deep drinks in drought conditions.

As you consider yard improvement plans, consulting with a certified arborist like Paul Bunyan for expert advice is a great way to make sure you make a decision you’ll be happy with for the long-term.

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