Tree Health Assessment

Trees are a beautiful addition to the curb appeal and even increase property value. Maintaining trees requires regular inspections of the trees and surrounding plant life welfare.

Preventive tree care can save thousands of dollars in potential damage or removal. Paul Bunyan, Inc. has professional tree arborists that provide expert tree health and tree risk assessments. This can spot potential weaknesses before they become major hazards.

During tree safety inspections, a visual inspection and tools are used to identify existing damage and potential risk.

Here are just some of the things we look for:

Decay Spots and Pockets. Softer spots in your tree’s trunk or roots often happen from injury, fungal, bacterial, or improper growth. While they seem small in the big picture, they develop into weak points for a tree.

Pests and Fungal Infestation. Mushrooms and fungus are attracted to decay. If you have an unhealthy tree, fungi will likely start growing. Carpenter ants are also a good sign that your tree is decaying. Some wood-eating pests burrow deep into the trunk of trees, causing damage for years before anyone notices. We have the professional eye to spot these small damages before they have a chance to spread to more of your plants.

Structures. Leaning Trees, unbalanced/uneven tree growth, sinking soil, and root invasion are also important points in tree health assessment.

Root Health. Assessments mean taking a look at everything involved in a tree’s health. Starting at the roots and collar, we look at soil condition, moisture content of the area, and root exposure, or even lack of it. Moving to the trunk, healed traumas and bark condition are important to keeping trees parasite-free.

Crown Visuals. Looking for major branch breaks and poor leaf growth, the top, or crown, of a tree is the last signal for damages. By the time something spreads to the top of the tree, salvaging its health is unlikely and removal is the next step.

The average homeowner will not spot potential problems with their trees like a trained and certified arborist. We can spot problems with insects, diseases, and general damage that will cause a tree’s health to become a risk.

For your property’s tree health assessment, contact Paul Bunyan’s professional tree arborist services at 814-443-2991 or contact us online.

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