Tree Removal Costs (and How They Vary)

stump and tree removal costs in PA

What is the cost of removing trees & stumps?

Paul Bunyan Inc. is a full tree removal service provider that will gladly handle your tree and stump removal in a timely fashion. Because all situations are different, it’s necessary to first get an estimate on your tree and stump removal costs.

To get an idea of your next service, here are some factors that go into removal costs.

Services Involved in Tree Removal:

stump and tree removal costs in PA

Stump Removal. Removing tree stumps is an additional process to removing a tree. This can involve cutting the stump into pieces or hauling it off all together. This can range anywhere from $50 to $100 per stump depending on the size and health of the roots.

Limb Removal/Limb Chipping. If large tree limbs need cut or removed, there are some options for hauling them away or having them chipped. Be sure to request this ahead of time. On average, this service can cost an additional $75.

Tree Trunk Removal. Depending on the size of the tree, the average service includes cutting a trunk into more manageable pieces. Hauling options are available as well and range from $50 to $100.


Tree Health. If the tree being removed is healthy, it will be harder to remove, varying your service price. If a tree is rotting or weak, however, this can reduce costs.

Diameter. Height and diameter of the tree to be removed is one of the largest parts in factoring a cost.

Up to 25 Feet Tall – Between $150 and $500
25 Feet Tall to 75 Feet Tall – Between $200 and $1,000
75 Feet Tall or Higher – At least $1,500

Location. Tree removal can end up being a cheaper option than long-term damage roots can cause by lifting a foundation or tangling utility lines.

As mentioned, you’ll never really know what your trees are involving until you get a consultation and estimate. Give Paul Bunyan, Inc. a call or email us here for all of your local tree maintenance.

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