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Tree Trunk Separated From Stump

Tree & Stump Removal

Often as a tree develops around your home, it can be hard to determine when it’s time to remove it. Dying trees that are located in natural areas do not always pose a danger to property, however, hazardous trees in residential areas that have structural defects that could potentially injure people or damage property need immediate attention and should be evaluated by a certified tree arborist. Although you know you need to remove a tree, most Somerset tree removal services and tree pruning are too dangerous to be done as a DIY project.

That is where the expert arborists at Paul Bunyan Inc. come in.

We have provided Somerset County with over 31 years of experienced tree removal services. At your initial consultation, we will observe the situation, determine the tree’s health, and then organize a direct plan of execution.

Because we are tree removal specialists, this also means that we are experts when it comes to using the best equipment and practices for our tree removal services. From cranes to ropes and pulleys, there is no limit to our capabilities when it comes to removing an unhealthy tree. We are extremely well equipped when it’s time to complete the job and remove any tree material entirely from the job site. We also take care of stump removal.

Tree And Stump Removal Costs

You can count on Paul Bunyan Inc to. to complete your tree removal job in a timely fashion.

Because all situations are different, it’s necessary to first get an estimate on your tree and stump removal costs. Contact us today to set up a no obligation property consultation.

Arborists In Pittsburgh

We are proud to serve the following counties as their experts in tree removal: Somerset County; Westmoreland County; Cambria County; Fayette County and surrounding areas.

Our staff is ready to answer your questions and provide you with solutions. No matter your tree and shrub care needs we can help. We are the experts and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our skill to you.

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