Commercial Tree Removal

Tree Trunk Separated From Stump

Commercial Tree Removal

Maintain your business property to not only look good but keep up with safety standards for customers and employees alike. Whether you require removal, maintenance, or trimming, Paul Bunyan, Inc. is here for dependable and efficient service.

With over 30 years of tree service experience, we have the track record of full service with a professional team of tree arborists.

Let our arborists provide you with all the services you require to keep the trees on your property healthy and beautiful.

We offer the following commercial tree services:

  • Tree Removal and Haul Away – We can clean up your property of any fallen, falling, or dying trees. Removing dead or dying trees pre-emptively can avoid hazards or accidents for your space.
  • Tree Trimming – The trees on your property can reflect on your business. Are these trees healthy and well-maintained, or are they unruly? We can remove branches that are damaged or diseased to avoid any future accidents.
  • Tree Health Evaluation – Getting an assessment of the trees on your property is the best way to avoid scary surprises like a leaning or diseased tree waiting to fall on something or somebody.
  • Tree Pruning – The work our arborists do with trees also involves improving the appearance. Branches may grow too closely together, creating an unattractive appearance. Pruning is especially important for young trees so they grow straight and tall. Let our professionals shape foliage to your liking
  • Stump Removal – Stumps that grow on a business property give the impression that appearance does not matter and that attention is not paid to detail. Ask our commercial tree contractor to grind into mulch any stumps that are on your property
  • Emergency Service – You need quick response time to a tree emergency. That tree may be blocking the entrance to your business or creating a mess on the grounds. We respond within two hours to emergency calls and are available on a 24-7 basis.

We are proud to serve the following counties as their experts in tree removal: Somerset County; Westmoreland County; Cambria County; Fayette County and surrounding areas.

Our staff is ready to answer your questions and provide you with solutions. No matter your tree and shrub care needs we can help. We are the experts and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our service to you.

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