When to Decide to Remove a Tree

Tree Removal: Is it time to remove my tree?

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Keeping your home’s landscaping and natural growth on your property can be a game of give and take. Pruning and planting is just part of managing plant healthcare. Balancing your tree growth and removal can be harder to figure out, though. When it comes to deciding when to remove trees from your property, there a few major things to keep an eye on. If you notice instances like these for your yard, be sure to contact a professional tree arborist to give you a professional consultation and removal service.


Oftentimes trees can encroach on properties if they are too close to utility lines, or leaning towards structures. Some types of trees have more aggressive roots than others that can disrupt pipes or foundations. This makes tree removal a cheaper option than that long-term damage.

Fungal Infections

Not all mushrooms and fungi are destructive to trees, but they can be a warning sign of decay. If you are seeing a lot of mushrooms near tree roots, have a tree arborist help with a professional diagnosis.

Tree Damage

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Cracking or cavities in the main truck, lifting soil at the roots, or splitting branches are all signals that a tree is likely experiencing damages from age or storms. Be on the look for these damages after heavy rain and winds. Large limb loss is an especially strong sign of irrecoverable damage.

As for the best time to remove a tree, it’s probably sooner than you think. Ideally, you can have it looked over the moment you see one or more of those signs mentioned. The longer a risky tree is let go, the more danger it can pose to people or property.

Being in Pennsylvania, trees are plenty and come in all sizes and types. And getting consultations for your tree health is always a good idea when it comes to keeping peace of mind for your home and yard. Paul Bunyan Inc. is your go to professional tree arborists for helping all of your tree and stump removal.

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