Why A Tree Health Assessment is Important

Forest of Trees With Bare and Fallen Branches

Trees are the pride and joy of anyone’s yard. Shade and interesting greenery are just some of the reasons why we love them! But how can you tell if they healthy or not? Your trees’ health is more than just looking good. Sick trees can become dangerous ones quickly.

Knowing if your tree is healthy or not isn’t always obvious. A tree health assessment is essential to know that your trees are strong and sticking around.

It’s More Than Just About the Looks

If one part of a tree is unhealthy, it can take down the entire tree. When assessing tree health, you can start looking from the bottom and work your way up.

You probably look at the leaves of your trees more than any other part, but most tree issues show themselves at the base. By the time a major problem starts spreading to the top of the tree, it might be too late to salvage the tree’s health. At the bottom, soggy roots and cracks in the trunk are just some of the more obvious signs.

Moving up to the branches, if you see massive breaks, missing bark, and scarce leaf growth, then your tree might be struggling. Blotchy or yellowed leaves outside of autumn are also a visual sign of decay, parasites, or overall bad tree health.

Tree assessment isn’t just about cosmetics, though. A tree health assessment uses those visuals for hints that a tree is either trying to heal or already on its way out.

Friends versus “Fun Guys”

Now there are plenty of animals and bugs that make trees their home and don’t cause any harm to it. However, an unhealthy tree can easily become the home to fungus, parasites, or overrun with critters that damage it further. If mushrooms and wood-eating insects are covering your trees, you will need professional intervention before your trees are piles of pulp.

The thing with fungus, too, is that it spreads from one thing to another easily. If you let an unhealthy tree go unattended, it may introduce invasive fungus to other plants.

Overall, regular tree health assessments are best done before any of the above signs are showing up. Assessing the health of your plant life can prevent potential damage from fallen trees to the rest of your property. Not to mention, preserving tree health is more cost-effective than having to remove them. For tree and soil assessment in Pennsylvania, Paul Bunyan, Inc. has a team of professional tree arborists to handle anything and everything trees!

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