Winter: A Time to Prune

Winter tree branches for pruning

The winter months provide you with a potentially unexpected outside chore: tree pruning. A benefit of pruning during the dormant winter months is that it often leads to zealous blooms during the spring. Dormant months for the tree are an ideal time to perform tree care due to having a clear view of the structure. At this time, you can make decisions based on any structural issues that may exist, how pruning will improve the overall health of the tree, and where the tree is positioned on a property in proximity to buildings and walkways.

Importance of Pruning

Pruning is a task that many tree owners don’t think to perform throughout the year, but this process is essential for the tree’s health. Through pruning, a tree is allowed to look and grow to it’s fullest potential and live a longer life. This may mean removing any dead, dying or diseased branches that may exist to enable the tree to continue to grow healthy and strong. Removing weak branches from trees that overhang buildings or walkways also helps to keep pedestrians and buildings safe from any breaks.

It may also be time to prune trees on your property simply to let more air and light filter in and decrease the risk of disease for other foliage. Winter also allows pruning trees and other shrubberies on your property that maintain barriers and keep up the structure they are meant to create. Pruning controls the size and proportion of a tree which enhances overall tree health and makes it aesthetically pleasing on your property line.

Pruning Tips

Now, it is important to keep a few things in mind as you move to prune the trees and other foliage on your property. Here are a few tips to ensure that your pruning efforts are not misdirected…

  • Purchase quality pruning shears – It may be tempting to buy cheap pruning shears, however, buying the cheaper pair may lead to broken shears and lower quality pruning cuts
  • Prune according to the type of plant.
  • Always research the specific plant or reach out to a professional before you start pruning
  • Focus  your efforts on removing dead/diseased branches and caring for new growth

Pruning in the winter months is often the best time to do it to facilitate growth in the spring. If you are unsure of how to prune a specific tree or plant on your property, reach out to a professional service like Paul Bunyan for assistance.

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